49th Parallel - Canvas

49th Parallel - Canvas
November 18th, 2019

49th Parallel just released their debut album 'Canvas'

49th Parallel is a talented rap collective from Seattle, WA who sounds like a mix between BROCKHAMPTON and Chance the Rapper with a bit of Frank Ocean. Their witty lyricism, infectious beats, and electric group dynamic, make for a uniquely irresistible listening experience.

To make Canvas, the group camped on a remote island in northern Washington for a month. They were inspired by their surroundings, their lives, and above all their unbreakable bond of friendship.


1 Safe House
2 Bazaar
3 Boeing
4 To Tell the Truth
5 Cormac's Sample
6 Motorola
7 These Walls
8 Spy Kids
9 Rabbit (Interlude)
10 I Love It
11 Just Another Day
12 Missed Calls
13 Canvas
14 Roulette