“I don’t want to die with my potential” is Audra Kelly’s mantra throughout his self-produced must hear album, Audra Kelly 1. From the opening line “I wonder if Pharrell was depressed when he made “Happy” (The Last Poet)” to his final line “The first time I drink will be out of a Grammy (Working On Forever)”, Audra Kelly shows a high level of versatility and range by proving himself to be a promising artist that can rap, sing and most importantly, produce. Depression, angst and failed relationships are just a few of the topics Audra touches on that will keep listeners captivated long after the initial listen. “It feels self serving wanting to release my debut project during a time like this but it feels even more self serving not to” says the emerging artist via Twitter and Instagram. Putting his vulnerability on display for the world, Audra Kelly exudes charm and potential on his 10 song debut offering, Audra Kelly 1.