Dueling Experts - Dueling Experts

Dueling Experts - Dueling Experts
January 31st, 2020

From a lost chamber of a dark cavern, Dueling Experts unlock the most esoteric of styles. Chicago's Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) joins forces with Ghana mc Recognize Ali for the new self titled album produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

01. The Dueling Experts
02. Pray Hands Emoji
03. Part Of Life
04. Dark Ninjas
05. The Middle Finger
06. The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting
07. Two Isn’t Enough
08. The Cause Of My Ignorance
09. A Secret Document
10. Arnold Palmer Sipping Arnold Palmers
11. Black Belt
12. Stones In Glass House
13. Baby Shark
14. Your Fragile Limbs