FAT TREL - Big Homie

FAT TREL - Big Homie
June 28th, 2020

FAT TREL is back with new album titled "Big Homie" with features from Tuffy,  Slutty Tee, Kid202, Goonew, Z-Wayne, No Savage and more!


1. Legend
2. Young Ns (feat. No Savage)
3. Got Da Streets (feat. Big Flock)
4. Like This
5. Duffle Bags (feat. Turtle)
6. Who Want Smoke (feat. Goonew)
7. North Side (feat. Trippa)
8. Its Over Now (feat. Z-Wayne)
9. No Way (feat. IAmNorthEast)
10. Need Mine (feat. Kid202)
11. We Changed
12. Ready or Not (feat. Slutty Tee)
13. I'm Him
14. Moshpit (feat. Knuklehead & Hoolie)
15. Free Throw (feat. Big Don Bino)
16. Airport
17. Beamer (Bonus Track) (feat. Tuffy)
18. You Cant Hang (Bonus Track) (feat. P-Wild & Foams SB)