Fredo - Third Avenue

Fredo - Third Avenue
February 4th, 2019

“Most of my mixtapes all had songs I’d written while I was in jail,” Fredo tells Apple Music. “This is all different. I was free the whole time and put a lot of time and thought into it. This is my first album, and my first piece of work I’ve been out here to do.” Third Avenue is a debut that marks a period of relative serenity for a London MC who’s overcome two prison spells and celebrated a UK No. 1 (2018’s “Funky Friday” with Dave). It’s a debut that also, crucially, pays tribute to his roots. “I’m from a place called Mozart Estate,” he says. “West Kilburn on the map. There are six avenues leading into the estate, and I grew up on the third one. I’m here today because of that place. If I had left, ain’t no telling what I’d be doing.” Take a guided tour of Third Avenue with Fredo.

01. Survival of the Fittest
02. Morning
03. Mmhm
04. Money Maker
05. Pray for You
06. BMT
07. Property Picking
08. All I Ever Wanted feat. Dave
09. It's Like
10. Doing the Most feat. Lil Dotz
11. They Don't
12. Love You for That
13. Third Avenue