Haviah Mighty - 13th Floor

Haviah Mighty - 13th Floor
May 12th, 2019

The next time the Grumpy Old-School Rap Head in your life groans, “Whatever happened to *real* hip-hop?” get some Haviah Mighty in their life. The Toronto-born, Brampton-raised MC/singer/producer flashes saber-toothed poetics, or, as she says on “In Women Colour,” “I courier the boom-bap over new trap.” Songs like “Bag Up,” “Squad,” and “Fugazi” show her ability to muscle a track. She brings identity politics into the light on “Oh My.” And when it’s time to cool down, she taps into Caribbean styles on “Wishy Washy,” “You Don’t Love Me,” “Kiss It,” and “Blame.” Haviah Mighty sounds like she’s having a blast playing verbal hopscotch while backpackers have a new lyrical savior to dedicate mixtapes to.


1 In Women Colour
2 Waves (feat. Sean Leon)
3 Wishy Washy (feat. Omega Mighty)
4 Blame
5 Thirteen
6 Smoke (feat. Clairmont the Second)
7 You Don't Love Me
8 Fugazi
9 Squad
10 Oh My
11 Ride
12 Bag Up
13 Kiss It