Headie One - Music x Road

Headie One - Music x Road
August 25th, 2019

Headie One is one of UK rap’s most compelling figures. He’s had legit hit singles, endured three prison sentences and carries utmost respect from his peers while often cast as anti-drill agitators’ chief target. “That’s why this tape is called what it’s called,” the Tottenham MC tells Apple Music. “It’s about living with both: music and road. I have to walk that line and try and stay focussed on both equally.” Music x Road powerfully documents that daily struggle: The production explores UK rap’s most dynamic borders, the samples are thrilling, and lyrically, Headie is brutally reflective. “I was writing over a longer period than I’ve ever written before,” he says. “I wasn’t rushed and overthinking. I was writing the music as I moved forward with life.”


1 Music x Road
2 Both
3 Ball in Peace
4 Rubbery Bandz
5 18Hunna (feat. Dave)
6 Back to Basics (feat. Skepta)
7 All Day
8 Kettle Water
9 Interlude: 100 Bottles
10 Home
11 Swerve (feat. Stefflon Don & NAV)
12 Chanel (feat. Lotto Ash)
13 Let's Go (feat. RV & Krept & Konan)
14 Nearly Died
15 Numbed Down