IDK - Is He Real?

IDK - Is He Real?
September 4th, 2019

IDK is back with new project "Is He Real?" features Pusha T, Tyler, The Creator, J.I.D, Burna Boy, GLC, Justin Hood, DMX and more.


1. Cloud Blu ft. Maximilian Battle, JESSCX
2. 42 Hundred Choices 
3. The "E" in Blue ft. Tish Hyman, JaVante, DMX
4. Alone ft. Justin Hood
5. 24 
6. Lilly
7. Porno ft. Pusha T & J.I.D
8. I Do Me...You Do You ft. Tyler, The Creator
9. December ft. Burna Boy
10. European Skies ft. JaVante
11. No Cable ft. GLC
12. Digital
13. Michael What TF
14. Julia...