Jaden - ERYS (Deluxe)

Jaden - ERYS (Deluxe)
July 4th, 2019

With ERYS, the constantly evolving, multi-hyphenated son of Will and Jada doubles down on trap but keeps a wildly eclectic eye on the horizon. For every crushing tear-the-club-up anthem like “Mission” and “i-drip-or-is”, there are low-key forays like “Pain”. The first four songs set the table: a moody intro (“P”), bulldozing trap (“I”), an intimate peek into his world (“N”) and then a multi-act relationship saga accentuated by the buzz of hair clippers (“K”). The guitar, so prevalent in his SYRE: THE ELECTRIC ALBUM EP, is used as both mood enhancer (“Blackout”, “Again”) and weapon (“Riot”, “ERYS” and the hardcore punk shocker “Fire Dept”). Throughout, Jaden stays ruminative and detailed, examining actions and reactions. Then, all of a sudden, “Summertime in Paris” appears, a feel-good track so catchy it could rival his dad’s 1991 smash “Summertime”. ERYS is a journey to the centre of the restless creative’s mind. Even heavyweights like A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi and Tyler, The Creator yield the right-of-way, seamlessly melding into their collaborations. The Deluxe Version includes two bonus tracks and a “Ghost” remix featuring A$AP Rocky.


1 P
2 I
3 N
4 K (Jaden & Lido)
5 NOIZE (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
6 i-drip-or-is
7 Again (feat. SYRE)
8 Got It
9 Fire Dept
10 Mission
11 Summertime in Paris (feat. Willow)
12 Blackout
13 Pain
14 Chateau (feat. A$AP Rocky)
15 On My Own (feat. Kid Cudi)
16 Riot
18 Beautiful Disruption
19 Somebody Else
20 Ghost (feat. A$AP Rocky) [Remix]