Lil B - 28 Wit A Ladder

Lil B - 28 Wit A Ladder
April 18th, 2019

New 42 tracks project from rapper Lil B "28 Wit A Ladder"


1.Da Intro
2.Rip Nipsey Hussle
3.Birdz Fly in the Drought
4.Owe Me
5.Gayle King
6.R Kelly
7.Serge Ibaka
8.BasedWorld Made Man
9.We at the Bank
10.B Please
11.Shouts out to 415
12.Bitch Mob Get High
13.Waterfront Undaworld
14.Addicted to the Trap
15.Ghetto Role Call
16.Grand Theft Auto
17.Alien Booty
18.Still Unda Still Burning Smoke Break
19.The BasedGod Solo
20.Ask Me Who
21.O Na
22.We See How That Work
23.Dont Fold
26.Black Cat
28.Cowboy Riding Horses in Illinois
29.E Honda
30.Bitch Mob Vet Tribute
31.I Love the BasedGod
32.Love Violence
33.Im Still Picking Cotton on Telegraph
34.Reflections Again
35.What Chu Thank
36.Hey OK Based Freestyle
37.Make Your Booty Go
38.Berkeley Waterfront Hightech
39.Zipped up Fixed Up
40.Stoner Stoner
41.Let It Burn
42.Lets Go to Tennessee