Lil Berete - 1 Way Out

Lil Berete - 1 Way Out
November 2nd, 2019

The cover for Regent Park MC Lil Berete’s sophomore mixtape 1 Way Out features a letter from Toronto Community Housing threatening his mother with eviction if her son does not stop filming music videos on the premises without a permit. The letter cites no less than six videos (with corresponding YouTube links) wherein these offenses can be validated. What the MC hopes will come from 1 Way Out is for the rest of the world to pay such close attention.

If there is indeed only 1 Way Out for Berete, he has decided it’s through increasingly personal stories of growing up fast in Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood, delivered in his signature brand of Auto-Tuned rap-singing. Berete charts his progress as a man and aspiring star across 1 Way Out, rapping about growing out of old ways (“Time Flies”), how much life has changed for him over the past two years (“Sixteen”), and the perks of the lifestyle (“Money Moves”). Guests include a bevy of UK voices (Headie One, Deno, and Loski) and Chicago’s Calboy, Berete making it clear feature-wise that his musical aspirations reach much further than his hood.


1 Goat Cheese
2 Go N Get It (feat. Loski)
3 Iffy
4 Money Moves (feat. Headie One)
5 Sixteen
6 Chase Cash (feat. Deno)
7 Mama Papa (feat. Calboy)
8 Dumb Dumb (feat. BIIIG RAX)
9 Walking Dead
10 Crackers