Nedarb - Amity

Nedarb - Amity
January 6th, 2019

New project from Nedarb "Amity", features from Lil Tracy, Brennan Savage, Lil Lotus, Jon Simmons, Bootychaaain, Slug Christ, Lil House Phone, Big Baby Scumbag and more.

01. Home on Time (feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal)
02. Angel in the Night (feat. Brennan Savage & Lil Lotus)
03. Head Over Heels (feat. Mackned, Zubin, Lil Tracy, Fantasy Camp & Yawns)
04. A Feeling (feat. Horse Head, Lil Lotus & Jon Simmons)
05. Blame on Me (feat. Brennan Savage, Fantasy Camp, Lil Lotus, Jon Simmons, Smrtdeath, Horse Head & Zubin)
06. Triflin' (feat. Lil House Phone, Father & Bootychaaain)
07. 2003 (feat. Big Baby Scumbag & Little Pain)
08. Throwaway (feat. Eddy Baker, Lil House Phone & BB Sun)
09. Freak Show (feat. Bootychaaain)
10. Eat Me Alive Interlude (feat. Alice Glass)
11. Patterns (feat. Brennan Savage & Drippin' So Pretty)
12. I've Had Enough (feat. Slug Christ, Fantasy Camp & Zubin)
13. Blood Stains (feat. Wavy Jone$, BB Sun & KirbLaGoop)
14. Babygangsoldiers (feat. Lil House Phone, Auntie AJ, Black Kray, Trippjones, la Goony Chonga, Dylan Ross & Brennan Savage)
15. Angel in the Night (Parv0 Remix) (feat. Brennan Savage & Lil Lotus)
16. Eat Me Alive (Girl Pusher Remix) (feat. Alice Glass)