Rich The Kid - Rich Forever 4

Rich The Kid - Rich Forever 4
August 2nd, 2019

At first glance, it’s not so easy to identify the common thread within the Rich Forever crew. Famous Dex is a heavily tattooed Animaniac of a rapper who’s made his name as an on-the-margins presence within both Chicago drill music and the era of SoundCloud-born rap superstars. Brooklyn MC Jay Critch is the voice of an under-regarded and underserved arm of NYC rap. And then there is Atlanta-hailing label head Rich The Kid, the platinum-selling and charmingly mush-mouthed MC who first broke out as an avid skater and an even more avid flexer. The three are indeed from very disparate worlds. But they use the Rich Forever 4 compilation to remind us at every opportunity that money is the tie that binds. Rich The Kid distills their connection best on “Flex Up,” rapping, “Too much money, I can’t count it/That’s the Rich Forever way.”


1. Rich Shit ft. Famous Dex
2. Drip Layer ft. 83 Babies
3. Party Bus
4. Flex Up ft. A$AP Ferg
5. Broke As Shit
6. So Nasty ft. 83 Babies
7. Speed Racing
8. Chanel Frames ft. Bino & 83 Babies
9. Off the Lot
10. Get The Bag & Go ft. Bino & 83 Babies
11. Tell Me ft. Bino & Airi
12. Numbers ft. Tg3 Thr33 & 83 Babies