Roy Woods makes music for the nighttime, whether that entails a quiet moment under the protection of darkness or catharsis beneath the euphoric fog of a club. Over time, he's cycled through those inclinations, with earlier releases being some of his moodiest and the later ones a more expansive affair. Dem Times strikes a balance in a display of the Canadian crooner's versatility. The shadowy opening track “2 Me” is textbook Roy Woods, its reverbed vocals and hazy production an exercise in anxious atmospherics. The middle stretch of the EP ups the pace and hints at new territory; the lively “Cool J” and “Like Pascal” foray into quirky vocal territories that call to mind Young Thug and set up a contrast with his warmer tones. His strongest qualities come to a head in the project's final moments on the slinking “I Feel It”-a cinematic single that manages to be both reclusive and grand all at the same time.