SiR - Chasing Summer

SiR - Chasing Summer
August 30th, 2019

If trip-hop had been created in sunny Inglewood, California, instead of downcast Bristol, it might sound a lot like Chasing Summer. It’s mood-intensive and takes unexpected stylistic shifts, yet stays true to the block. SiR, an R&B prodigy and TDE signee, doesn’t bunker down behind muted, eclectic sound banks. His supple reading is front and centre, revelling in tales of love and torment. Stars like labelmate Kendrick Lamar (“Hair Down”), Lil Wayne (“Lucy’s Love”), Jill Scott (“Still Blue”) and Sabrina Claudio (“That’s Why I Love You”) are drawn to his magnetic personality, respectfully vibing with SiR on his level. Chasing Summer passes the bump test, no matter what the season. Stay for the album’s closer “La”, his potent love letter to the City of Angels.


1. Hair Down ft. Kendrick Lamar
2. John Redcorn
3. You - Can't - Save - Me
4. La List ft. Smino
5. Fire
6. New Sky ft. Kadhja Bonet
7. Lucy's Love ft. Lil Wayne
8. That's Why I Love You ft. Sabrina Claudio
9. Touchdown
10. Wires In The Way
11. Still Blue ft. Jill Scott
12. Mood ft. Zacari
13. The Recipe
14. LA