Smokepurpp - Florida Jit

Smokepurpp - Florida Jit
June 19th, 2020

New Jersey-raised, Miami-based producer Ronny J made his name during SoundCloud rap’s heyday, providing the high energy/low-fidelity backdrops that propelled the largely South Florida-based scene and its stars (XXXTENTACION, Denzel Curry, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp) to infamy. For Purpp’s Florida Jit, then-an album whose title declares it a reflection of the MC’s origins-Purpp has of course tapped Ronny for the lion’s share of the production. Together, they further Purpp’s-and the scene’s-mission of refining the recklessly distorted rap songs perfect for destroying home stereo equipment into equally electrifying playlist-ready hits, certain to make their creators richer. Florida Jit’s guests include Curry and Lil Pump and fellow Floridian Rick Ross, along with Atlanta’s Young Nudy and Louisville’s Jack Harlow, proving that you didn’t have to run in Purpp’s local circles to be able to feel where he’s coming from.


1. Pop Sh*t with Ronny J
2. Off My Chest with Ronny J ft. Lil Pump
3. One Play with Ronny J 
4. No Code
5. Hangin Out the Roof with Ronny J
6. Outside with Ronny J
7. It's Whatever with Ronny J
8. 1st & 3rd with Ronny J
9. Mink Coat
10. Ends with Ronny J ft. Young Nudy
11. I'm Him with Ronny J ft. Denzel Curry
12. Fishscale with Ronny J
13. Florida Jit with Ronny J
14. 24s
15. Tide Pen ft. Jack Harlow
16. Big Dawg ft. Rick Ross
17. Chop Stix