So Vicious - Vish

So Vicious - Vish
December 28th, 2018

New project from So Vicious "Vish" featuring Show Banga, Young Gully, OMB Peezy, Rocky B and more.

01. Stop Playing (feat. Young Gully & Footz the Beast)
02. Get Some Money (feat. Alma Rosae, Outrageous Karina & DJ Shellheart)
03. Killa Hoe (feat. SemiAutoCec)
04. They Hate (feat. Show Banga)
05. Don't Pass Go (feat. Squidd Money)
06. Thug Cry (feat. Deltrice & OMB Peezy)
07. Broke Niggaz (feat. Rocky B & Notorius Bitch)
08. Sex Faces