Vitu - Diary of a Broken Kid...

Vitu - Diary of a Broken Kid...
August 8th, 2019

Diary of a Broken Kid… is a Hip Hop/Rap which combines soul/jazz & experimental samples to create the sonic landscape of the album. This project touches on multiple themes ranging from life, love, religion, premature death, mental health and a many other topics that are relevant to my life and my experiences. The project is not only a fun-energetic project project but is also reflective and introspective and sonically relates to both modern and traditional hip hop fans.​


1 Ave Maria
2 Dead
3 Rick James
4 Narcolepsy, Pt.Iii
5 Highway to Heaven (feat. Hoax & Honey Molasses)
6 Skylines (feat. Humphrxy)
7 Martyrs
8 Seven Rings (feat. Hoax)
9 For Fame and Money
10 All for You
11 So Little Time
12 In Between Heaven and Hell
13 Life As We Know It