Mysterious and original, masked musician EyeOnEyez burst onto the scene with a fresh new sound that's aggressive yet cerebral and haunting at the same time. A lot is yet to be learned about this figure EyeOnEyez, but his artistry and ability to bring hot new artists together with rap legends is something the industry has been craving for a while.

One can only assume he has spent years underground crafting his unique style of sound, informed by an eclectic taste in jazz, electronica, trap and hardcore hip hop. His aggressive production and infectious rhythmic style deliver a visceral listening experience with every track.

In 2017, Eyez and his team connected with Hip Hop Legend Prodigy to record “Out Queens.” Sadly, Prodigy passed prematurely soon after. Just like his other work, this final track “Out Queens” utilizes EyeOnEyez signature sound: lush synths, haunting melodies, kamikaze trap drums and melt-your-face-off 808’s.

EyeOnEyez teases a full length album featuring Wu Tang Clan, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, as well as a few up and coming artists from his own label.

EyeOnEyez draws on his vast and deep musical influences and voracious trap-inspired drum sound to deliver an aural landscape that transports you to another world. Power producer and label boss, EyeOnEyez cuts through the noise like a laser beam, combining his unstoppable instinct for innovation with one-of-a-kind sound design and otherworldly visual imagery.