Princess Nokia

Destiny Nicole Frasqueri

Princess Nokia is an American rapper of Puerto Rican descent. She is a strong supporter of intersectional feminism, founding the Smart Girl Club with Milah Libin. She is signed to Rough Trade Records.

Frasqueri recorded her first song, "Destiny", in 2010, and released it under the name "Wavy Spice" on her SoundCloud page and her YouTube channel in mid-2012. It was largely autobiographical and gained modest popularity. Subsequently, she released her second track, "Bitch I'm Posh". The track went viral, and as of December 2017, received 110,000 plays on SoundCloud. Frasqueri then released YAYA (Yaya is a Taino word) as a commentary of perceptions of colonial history. Frasqueri continued to release singles, such as Dragons, a Game of Thrones inspired piece, Honeysuckle, and Vicki Gotti until changing her moniker to Princess Nokia. She released her mixtape, 1992, on Soundcloud. She also began touring.

Frasqueri was praised for her feminism, especially after confronting a man yelling racial slurs on a subway train. She also founded the Smart Girls Club, a podcast where she discusses healthy living and urban feminism.

Source: Wikipedia