Wale - The Weekend (Remix)

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Wale - The Weekend (Remix)

Song Lyrics

See I was once told that the heart once who the heart wants
But I feel your pride your inner thighs in my eyes
Will decline such
See, I love her cause of the times spent
And I lust you possibly cause of the obvious newness and cluelessness of it
But truthfully shall we didn't even found the real vibe yet
Now, would you rather be the dry non-passionate, hald-with-it damn near abstinent primary chick
Or the one I laugh with and casually kiss on the kitty-cat and watch Glow, Black Mirrors and break your back, and let me bask in the aftermath of your black girl magic
Shit, I'm just asking
Look, I'm sorry we got us a lil' problem
Monogamy not for the weak hearted

My man is my man is your man
Heard it's her man too
My man is my man is your man
Heard that's her man
Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend
You take Wednesday, Thursday
Then just send him my way
Think I got it covered for the weekend

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