GuyATL - Beyond A DJ

GuyATL - Beyond A DJ
October 3rd, 2019

New mixtape from GuyATL "Beyond A DJ" features from YFN Kay, YFN Lucci, Rico Cash, Johnny Cinco, Larry June, Forte Bowie and more.


01. GuyATL - Intro (Be-yond) (Feat. RapGameWill)
02. GuyATL - Like You (Jada Kingdom) (Feat. Nique) [Prod. By Wavy Wallace]
03. GuyATL - The Wedding (Feat. Michael Aristotle) [Prod. By Wili Hendrixs]
04. GuyATL - No Love (Feat. Marcus Supreme) [Prod. By Ro1Up]
05. GuyATL - Big Bankroll, No Jewelry (Feat. Johnny Cinco & Larry June) [Prod. By OG Parker]
06. GuyATL - Still In My Bag (Feat. Rico Cash) [Prod. By Spiffy Global]
07. GuyATL - 187 (Feat. CashTalk)
08. GuyATL - Sideways (Feat. Johnny Cinco, Profet & PopLord) [Prod. By Tasha Catour]
09. GuyATL - The Game (Feat. YFN Kay & YFN Lucci)
10. GuyATL - Fashion Land (Feat. itsBallyBaby & Drip$et Freaky) [Prod. By Mondo]
11. GuyATL - Came Up (Feat. PopLord, Johnny Cinco & Jay 5) [Prod. By Kel Go Crazy]
12. GuyATL - What They Want (Feat. Forte Bowie)
13. GuyATL - Outro (Feat. DGB Pooh) [Prod. By Burna]
14. GuyATL - What I Like (Follies) (Feat. Money Makin Nique, Reese, Landstrip Chip, & Forte Bowie) [Prod. By Richie Souf] (Bonus)