Scotty Cain - K Baby

Scotty Cain - K Baby
October 31st, 2019

New mixtape from Scotty Cain "K Baby" features Mista Cain, RawWay, JayDaYoungan, Lil CJ Kasino, Dame Cain, OTB Fastlane and more.


1. K Baby Intro (Grasa)
2. Tryna Get Rich feat. BooGotti Kasino
3. Ridin Wit It feat. RawWay
4. Pressure Out the Pack feat. Mista Cain & Mula Pugh
5. 3 Times feat. Onsight Deeda and Dame Cain
6. Skit
7. Big Steppa feat. JayDaYoungan
8. Big Bread Flippa feat. OTB Fastlane
9. Hoppin Out feat Mista Cain and Dame Cain
10. In My Sack feat. Dame Cain
11. Mind of a Menace feat. Sherwood Marty
12. Freaky Wit It feat. Onsight Deeda and Dame Cain
13. Slide or What feat. Lil CJ Kasino & BooGotti Kasino
14. Two To The Face feat. JayDaYoungan
15. Neva Gone Fold feat. Sauce Walka & BooGotti Kasino
16. Tare This Bitch Up feat. Dame Cain Onsight
17. Murder Man feat. Dame Cain Onsight
18. K Baby Outro (Grasa)