VL Deck - Project Music Volume 2

VL Deck - Project Music Volume 2
March 21st, 2019

"During SXSW weekend, I was working in the studio and just decided Ima drop this on Tuesday"

This is the way it works at Section 8 Ent.- CEO & chief rhyme spitter VL Deck is constantly recording new music, sharpening his skills, sharing his story. But all this recording also creates a problem - a vault of unreleased music that the fans may never hear.

Not at Section 8 - not with VL Deck, "I'm not holding my music. Not for no deal negotiations, or make believe results. My music is for the 8 - and Ima keep my music in the streets & keep my ppl inspired!"

With all the jewels and affluence, anyone can see that Lil Deck has come a long way from his "takin days" of Edgewood Courts. In 2019, Section 8 Ent is gearing up for the greater impact of multiple releases from its CEO.

VL explains his release schedule like this: "Trap Pastor gon drop when I feel like it - next 30-60 days. #BJ4L gon drop when I feel like it - before the summer. I dropped 2 projects so far this year.....I might add 2 mo to the schedule and drop 6 projects this year. Maybe more. It's not about flooding or rushing the process. I do this for the trenches. Ain't a lotta rappers tryna motivate the slums - most never really been in the 8 or lived in the 8. If they did you would hear more real stories of the losses and the pain we endure fighting our way outta this shit. Look at my life man. I'm jeweled up, million plus streams a month - and if I don't get up everyday and go get some money Ima be homeless & all fucked up. That's true for so many ppl out here man. I'm blessed to have something goin on, but I remember all the days when having ANYTHING was a wish. We ain't wishing no more. We here now! Ima keep feeding these streets motivation. I ain't preaching - I'm teaching - but you can call me the #TrapPastor. I stand in the gap for the streets!"

Keeping the features to family, Project Music - Volume 2 includes features from Young Thug, DTE's Alley Boy & Black Migo Gang brother Young Scooter. Producer Chris Blaq leads off on Vito Story to set the tone. Eardrummers produced the closeout banger "Block" while Chophouze handles the bulk of the gritty hard hitting production in between. Add in heaters from super-underrated producers: JYork, femme fatale Tasha Catour; Furlax, Vae Cortez, Londyn Blue & Karylton Banks. And the 10 track project music is complete & cohesive. A smooth treacherous 30 some odd minute listening experience. VL Deck is in his bag. In every way imaginible!

This is music from the heart. From a man of the streets. Project Music - Volume 2. Another chapter in the story of Vicious Living Deck.

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01. Vito Story
02. P.R.L.
03. Hustle
04. Spot Run feat. Young Thug
05. One of One
06. Roblo
07. Shining New
08. Nod
09. Crops feat. Young Scooter
10. Block feat. Alley Boy