Not specifically a place where drugs are sold, rather, The ghetto, specifically the ghetto in Atlanta. Called the trap because people there are stuck in a cycle of selling drugs and hustling to survive, and are therefore "trapped" and unable to leave and make a better life for themselves.

a Pastor is someone who preaches the Gospel the word Pastor also means shepherd because he leads the people safely to sanctuary and away from danger.

Zone 6’s VL Deck seemed stuck in the trenches for a long time. Refusing to follow the majority of artists who seek major label publicity (often at the expense of their ownership). The man known as Vicious Living Deck invested it all in himself & his Section 8 Ent label. Project after project was released & embraced by the ppl the music was meant to touch: the trenches.

Years of steady growth under the radar & away from the new internet gimickry trends mislead some ppl into believing VL Deck wasn’t a viable artist. They say trap is dying, gotta do something different, rap has no use for another trap artist. All these statements ring true in a way from a music perspective, but in real life there’s an element of our society who survives day to day without ever learning what “living” is. These are VL Deck’s growing congregation.
“I named my company based on the environment I’m from. My music is for my ppl who grew up on section 8 in them projects & apartments. I’m proof to them and to the world that you can be yourself and make it. I’m proud to say that all the features on my projects is based on real relationships. Having 21 Savage & Youngboy on the project is big; but I got a up and comer on here: Ola Runt; and you know ion drop no project without the Juug King Young Scooter. This a sermon to the Section 8ers right here. I ain’t preaching - but my words the gospel truth, in person and in songs. I got my all in this shit and I’m blessed to see it working.”