Boosie Says Mississippi Cops Targeting Him Over $40 Million Lawsuit In Biloxi

Published January 5th, 2019
Boosie Says Mississippi Cops Targeting Him Over $40 Million Lawsuit In Biloxi

Rapper Boosie is not backing down from a lawsuit over a wild incident as he was shopping at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi in April of 2017.

The rapper is seeking $40 million from Dillards, the city of Biloxi and the managers of the mall after he was pepper sprayed while he was shopping after Black Spring Break weekend.

The rapper claims he was simply shopping in the mall when a throng of fans started surrounding him.

Boosie claimed he realized things were getting out of control, so he promptly made his way to an exit.

As he was leaving, he spotted a Polo shirt he wanted to purchase, but by that time almost 40 people had gathered near a perfume counter inside of Dillards.

According to Boosie, an overzealous security guard named Glen Kerley, who was allegedly known for aggressively following African-American's in the store, called him a "boy" told him to leave and then unexpectedly unleashed a tide of pepper spray.

Several bystanders were impacted by Kerley's pepper spray, including a pregnant woman with twins, whose children were born with birth defects as a result of the spraying.

According to a court filing by Boosie's lawyer earlier this week, the rap star believes Kerley overreacted because of the rap star's race - several witnessed gave sworn statements to back up the rap star's account.

"If I was Justin Bieber, I wouldn’t have got sprayed in there. If I was another actor, I wouldn’t have got sprayed·in that mall," Boosie said. "He would have asked me to take a picture with me, if I was — if I was white, if I was a white celebrity.”

Things got worse outside of the mall when several of the bystanders were told they had to leave because they were "trespassing."

People in the crowd started assaulting Kerley and other police officers who responded to a call about an "unruly" crowd.

Boosie claims his lawsuit against the city of Biloxi has put him the crosshairs of cops all across Mississippi, who have seemingly made it clear the rap star is not welcomed in the state.

“I’m getting targeted in Mississippi,” Boosie said. “Like, these people are on my ass. Like, these people think I’ve done something in Mississippi, and I didn’t, but go in a mall.”

If all parties cannot reach a settlement in upcoming talks, the case will go to trial in September.