2 Chainz - Hot Wings

2 Chainz - Hot Wings
November 15th, 2018

New music from 2 Chainz "Hot Wings". Produced by G Dav & Hit-Boy

Song Lyrics

Transcription in process
I'm the big homie now
Ima get down
I'm the big homie now

[Verse 1]
I got my spunk [?] truck in the front what're you doing
All this shit good don't call me up
She wanna suck it's on the Buick, I pull it up
We gon get high, what're we doing
I got a semi, I got a Draco

Put it on my dick told it to stay on

Like Deion
I say duce one like Deion
I go bruce wayne on you pions
Shit i fuck wit da falcon troops (Tru)
Had more sacks than a lineman
I shoulda got a hiesman too, nigga
Shit where they hikin' at
Check like a nike hat
I got the midas pack uh
Told da bitch quiet relax uh
I got my hoe in the other line
Im not bipolar but borderline
I just might switch lanes go back get fried thats all she want hot wings

Bitches is fuckin' for hot wings
Bitches fuckin' for american deli
Bitches fuckin' for some eye cream
She just want a hot twenty piece
Outta class with the lemon pepper
Bitch get your shit together

[Verse 2]
Big boss music

You better get used to it, ain't not falling off
Nigga gon straight though, you better get used to it
I need a raise I ain't taking pay cuts
You better get used to it hundred [?]
You better get used to it

I'm the big homie now