9th Wonder & Busta Rhymes - Jumpin

9th Wonder & Busta Rhymes - Jumpin
November 12th, 2018

New song by 9th Busta Rhymes "Jumpin Album" from "Jamla Is the Squad II"

Song Lyrics

It's so beautiful outside-
It's so beautiful outside today

[Verse: Busta Rhymes & Heather Victoria]
Listen, so it was one of those days
And the sky was blue
And niggas better roll out the carpet
The guard is comin' thru
Hey its Busta rhymes
Hello happy to me you
I keep the hot shit
Now turn ya volumes up (What)
Blow ya speakers
I'm on top of ya feelings lonely
You understand what I'm sayin'
Excuse me dear
Yeah I know
You look nice
You know a [?] two-piece and enough ice
Thanks, appreciate a little love from you
How 'bout it, daddy, can I get in the club with you (nuh-uh)
Shorty lucky that she had a behind on her
Pretty face starrin' while I'm claimin' my shine on her
She say;
Oh my gosh I can't be mad at you, you look like ya own a diamond market somewhere in Africa (Ha, ha haha)
I hope you find that funny
Lemme step in the class step around money
You haters wanna beef plz
For my niggas bust, a Mac in the club don't even try it (blaow, blaow, blaow)
You better enjoy the night and get ya party on
Before you try to diss
Who, the Don Corleone (me)
Aye, what's ya name son
Yes is a bust is a must son