Ace Cartar Ft. Vito PapaSito - RINNESHARIN

Ace Cartar Ft. Vito PapaSito - RINNESHARIN
November 27th, 2018

Anthony Tolud, this Southside Jamaica Queens native is one of the fresh faces in today's Hip Hop genre. A lifelong hip hop head his connection to the art goes back a long way, a love that was passed down generationally.

"I always tell people I am from the same block as 50 Cent. Being from Queens as a whole, Hip Hop is in our blood. I caught the bug once I heard "Your Life's On The Line."

A skilled engineer as well, Ace is in tuned with the musical process from all ends. Currently fine tuning his The Kiid from Queens project which he plans to launch in the very near future, Ace is using performing as a stepping stone to his ultimate goal of ownership and executive standing. From beat boxing on lunch tables, rapping in cyphers and occasionally battling others, Ace used Hip Hop as a stress relief after his mom leaving the U.S. in 2008. He has traveled the world delivering his brand of Hip Hop from open mics at Nuyorican Poets Cage to his native Suriname, Amsterdam, and many of the major U.S. cities like Houston and Miami.