December 17th, 2018

New music from AlienEmoji "FU&ALLOFYOURFRIENDS" Produced by P-YOTE & Saska

Song Lyrics

Looking at you through a lens
I’m feeling helpless again
Fuck you and all of your friends
Fuck you and all of your friends
Keep it on top back and
The wrist lock to your hands
Capital dance
Feeling all type of damage amen
Hiding underneath a villain
I can’t even breathe
So i’m not at the top
They saying it’s anytime
That i’ll climb up the ranks
And i’ll regain the spot
See all these changes in my life
But i’m not tryna die
Like they took away pac
I’m bubblin’ bubblin’ - Anderson Paak
I’m spinning the globe
And it ain’t ever stop

They flipping the script so i rewrite the plot
I’m moving so fast that my brakes they get locked
You’re running away and your bracelet you drop
I’m picking it up but it feel like a rock

I’m driving a vibe
But i’ll say it’s a mas
You saying it’s easy
I ain’t got no flaws
I wish you would see me
Beside all my heart
The damage i’ve done to my brain
Oh my god
I’m feeling so helpless
It ain’t ever stop
They love to tell me
I’d be stuck in a box
I power through and
Take a swim in a marsh

Fuck - fuck

And i better not miss
In my eyes got mist
Ears hearing that hiss
And in 4-5 minutes
I’ll be having them kids
Wanna run that until
I be giving them meds
I’m above that shit
And i run their shit
If you don’t mind man
You better mind your biz
When you least expect
I’m gon find your shit
Cover up your mouth
Ain’t no crying in here

Open up the door and
Nothing else is in my way
I’m addicted to this life
I don’t know what else i can say
Kill another vibe i’m ruining
Your motherfucking day
Go inside a bit
Feeling tired of it
Imitation the sincerest
Form of flattery

And i might head out steal
Your bike out at midnight
Don’t know how to ride
But it’s alright
Least you’ll renounce
That to the real knight
Thought i said you were
Never really my type
But i’d hit your friend
Do it all night
I ain’t stopping til
I’m driving on a tron bike
Paint a picture for you
Like my name is paul wright
Everyone i didn’t
Love at the sunshine
Feel like maybe i just
Hit a damn gold mine
Now i’m stuck baby
Now i got no rhymes
Ima keep it going though
For one more line

You basic
I hit- i hitcho face in
Like frank i’m a king like mason
That means i’m akin to greatness
You doing this
You just wanna be famous
Wanna prove that
I’m the best when i make it