Big Twins Feat. Prodigy - Loyalty over Love

Big Twins Feat. Prodigy - Loyalty over Love
November 12th, 2018

Queensbridge rap kings Big Twins and the late Prodigy are calling out all the fake followers and phonies on the DJ B. Original-produced “Loyalty Over Love,” the final single from Twins’ forthcoming album, 'Grimey Life.'

In addition to being another great collaboration between two stellar rappers, it represents the final song they were able to record together before P’s untimely passing in July 2017. It’s for that reason that “Loyalty Over Love” is Twins’ favorite cut on the album, but it’s also just a shining example of why P was one of the best ever.

P’s untouchable style is evident as soon as he starts spitting on here: “F*ck your love, n***a, where was you when bullets flew?/ Where was you when n***as came for me who?” His rhymes continue to build upon and reflect the greater message of the track, which Twins says came together based on the following concept: “People always say they love me, but there’s no loyalty so there’s no love.” It’s a harsh, honest, and real depiction of what everyone goes through in life on some level, and it’s never sounded better or more authentic.