Big Twins - Phantom Of The Opera

Big Twins - Phantom Of The Opera
October 31st, 2018

On the lead single off his upcoming album, 'Grimey Life,' living Queensbridge legend Big Twins embraces the scary season with the snarling “Phantom of the Opera” produced by The Alchemist.

The NY rapper and Cali producer have teamed up a number of times over the years, and each collaboration solidifies the fact that they’re only getting better with time. This latest joint venture is anchored by Alc’s chilling instrumental that, yes, features organs reminiscent of the musical of the same name.

The thing is, the “Phantom” in this case is Big Twins himself, who dons the mask and is letting his villainous side shine through. He starts the track with some of the best opening bars in recent memory - “My voice is like poison/ Venom in your veins, you gettin’ nauseous/ As a kid I stole Porsches/ Dun, I loved that car, we was flossin’” - before threatening his enemies to fall back on the hook.

The best part about this track, though, is that it’s just an appetizer of what’s to come. In addition to 'Grimey Life' dropping on mid November, Twins and Alc are hard at work on a joint album that’s due out next year.