BoDi Deeder - Trap Money Crack Money

BoDi Deeder - Trap Money Crack Money
July 9th, 2018

For the infectious Trap Fever song “Trap Money Crack Money,” BoDi Deeder drew inspiration from the different ways people in Chicago hustle. Two of the most prominent ways people get it in on the streets are trapping, which is grimy, and cracking, which is more flamboyant, in your face. Regardless, BoDi Deeder champions people working hard to create opportunities for themselves.
“It’s me telling people that whatever your hustle is, don’t hate,” he explains. “Each style is kind of frowned upon by the other, when in actuality, we’re all trying to make it. Your hustle is your hustle. You don’t have to hate on the next man.”
True hustlers know there’s no time to hate when you’re on your grind. The celestial “Up” features a different look at hustling. Here, the game is about working with your team in order to achieve an objective. But not everyone is always down for the cause.
“I’m starting to find out that in order to have some relationships, you’ve got to have middle ground,” BoDi Deeder states. “Sometimes, due to what your work is, you’re going to go your separate ways. My mother told me, ‘Everybody that started with you isn’t going to finish with you.’ That doesn’t mean that they weren’t there for a reason, or that they’re not valuable to you. It’s just that as a tree grows, it grows out. It doesn’t grow in.”
With success also comes jealousy. BoDi Deeder examines how people evolve on “Changin’ Faces.” A collaboration with Goonie Baby, the song looks at how some people don’t view their partners the same when they’re hurting financially, but how true individuals are there for you regardless.