Chief Keef - Action Figures

Chief Keef - Action Figures
October 16th, 2018

Chief Keef Hits Us Wit A Teaser Off Is Back From The Dead 3 Album Which Set To Be Released Later This October. His Official Dj "Dj Amaris" Gives Us The Exclusive Release! 

Song Lyrics

One thing 'bout bro
He ain't no hoe
Hit you in your nose
Niggas got no hope
Amaris, bring that shit back bro
Amaris, you're doin' too much

One thing 'bout bro
He ain't no hoe
Hit you in your nose
Niggas got no hope
Run me my dough
Fuckin' slowpoke
Call up lil folks
Give you a lil mo'
One foot in the door
Other one in yo ass
I'm in the 600 S-Class
Remember I failed my class
Had to piss, couldn't get
Tell the babe fill up my bags
Tell my assistant pull up my tags
Diamonds shine, paid all cash
Pull up like the dash
They still judge me off of my past
The cops come, I still haul ass
Grattt, it's all bad
My grandma say kiss her ass
Ridin' round gettin' off the gas
Be cool 'fore we hawk your ass
Niggas steady talkin' bad
Bitch hoppin' on [?]
She want me to pounce that ass
Baby got a donkey ass
Pushin' up on that ass
Weed smell like bounce that ass
She pull up, bounce that ass
I recieve amounts of cash
Ride around like I'm the Mayor
Say I got longer hair
Bout to get on lear
I got stacks on stacks like layers
Surely, as if I care
Lil nigga you ain't shit, I got bit by a bear
Chief Keef, when I look in the mirror
The bear wanna have it downstairs
The bear wanna have a staredown
Come upstairs, we gon knock you down
Hey Jericho, we ain't fuckin' round
Stop tryna act like you down
Soft ass nigga
I'm a boss ass nigga
Shhhh, no talk ass nigga (yeah)
I'm a off ass nigga (yeah)
Okay, nigga
We loaded, nigga (yeah)
Ain't go figure
Turned to an action figure
We ain't gotta blast, nigga
Hit you in your biceps, nigga (aye)
I don't like that nigga (aye)
I'll fight back, nigga (aye)
Some simp ass nigga (aye)
Do you like cash, nigga? (aye)
Better chill out, nigga (aye)
Zip, bodybag, nigga (aye)
Take a runnin' class, nigga
Trap [?]
Some scary ass nigga (aye)
Lil dirty ass nigga (aye)
Skrrt, I'm swervin' past, nigga
Lil hurtin' ass nigga