Chief Keef - Lamb Pass By

Chief Keef - Lamb Pass By
February 11th, 2020

Chief Keef is back with new song "Lamb Pass By"

Song Lyrics

The ghetto
The ghetto

Lamb shoot by (Shoot)
Everybody lookin' (Lookin')
Fifty round in the stash box, for a pussy (Pussy)
I'm a young boss nigga, so I feel like I took it (Took it)
Chance came a young nigga way and he took it (Took it)
Sneak dissin', thought he was straight but we left him crooked (Crooked)
Sosa how it feel? How it feel, to dodge a bullet? (Dodge a bullet)
In the engine click, clickin' like it's out of bullets
I just caught a opp lackin' so I gotta pull it, ayy
Wrist cold like a cooler, feel like a pool
You don't like a young nigga, here's what you do
Pull up on him, give one, three or two (Skrr)
I just bought some custom floor mats for the coupe
Feelin' sick, so I'm in that bitch sippin' soup (Lean)
She brought her friend, so I'm in that bitch with a deuce
Lil' folks with me, so he in this bitch trippin' too (Trippin')
Nah, I ain't solid, but before I thought he was fool (Bitch)
We be in it from the sun down 'till that bitch come up (Till that bitch come up)
We be still up in the club until that bitch go up (Go up)
I done hire me a driver, just to pick hoes up
Put some wrap around the track, that cost like 10 more bucks
No I ain't got a shorty, gotta get more bucks
Ayy, too many fans, I need like sixteen hands to fill 'em up (Bang)
Bitch shouldn't be here, like where he get his heavy ass pillows from
Can't tell you that, whatever you do, bitch, just don't pillowtalk
Lamb pass by
Kids like look
Hopped out all white, I 'on't like her, cuh
If I personally took your shit, just consider it took (Took)
I ain't gon' post this, as I don't do no shit for the look
High as hell like I got eight tentacles octopus
Top floor, might be with lil' bitch on the roof
I was lackin', laws snuck up on me, I was shook (I was shook)
Thinkin' like, had that shit upon me, I was buzzed
If you ain't know, I got one lil' brother and one lil' sis'
My lil' sis' gon' be a lawyer, so I'm proud of her (Proud of her)
Soon as I catch a fuckin' case, you know I'm callin' her (Brrr)
In case Disney try to sue for bein' a Donald Duck
Three of y'all still couldn't amount to one of us (One of us)
Niggas doing this shit for clout
What happened to wanting bucks?
I ain't like car no more, I start wantin' trucks
Stick I got, clean ceiling, this ain't corner dust
Always sent a pair of shoes, I just wear around the house
Niggas bitches, might as well go pink and white blouse
I should go to Airbnb, you runnin' by the house
I just ask that bitch, she copy, she said "Roger out", ayy
I just ran into this bitch, ain't seen a long time
Wanted my number, so I gave that bitch the wrong line (Brr)
Knew she was gon', let me fuck in the long ride
But now she look weak, so I don't want that (Brrr)
Nigga get off my dick, go get your own swag (Swag)
Nigga put your hand down, go get your own bag (Bag)
I talk in code, just in case my phone tapped (Brr)
I ain't did shit, how the fuck my phone tapped?
Got my Cuban really rocky, feel like A$AP
Neck hurt, all these chains, girl I hate that
Yeah, I know how to divide, but I hate math
Skrrt, skrrt, finna ride to my safehouse
Have you ever seen a pound in a fuckin' jar?
Have you ever seen a camera ho fuckin' a cop?
Pull up with a Muhammad Ali, get a suck or some'
You ran out, we shoot, guess that nigga fuckin' slide (Bitch)
Five years, since I been on my fuckin' block
But I'm still 2-4, screamin', "Fuck an opp"
Just 'cause I ain't on the block, don't mean my brothers not
The time I left the fuckin' block, that bitch was fuckin' hot
Shawty really actin' real and he know he not
Shawty got her ass on, just like Khloe Ka'
Now he don't think he Mims, but he know he hot
Now he ain't be pullin' up, but you know he drivin'