CJ Flemings - Try Me

CJ Flemings - Try Me
June 7th, 2019

New song from CJ Flemings "Try Me" Produced by Lantz

Song Lyrics

They been tryna ask me what I'm doing here
If I gotta leave the city tryna do it big
Small town I been planning out the music biz
Shout Toronto man you know I got the new connect
Y’all niggas getting swift like turbulence you don't wanna start (nah)
Booming ‘imma tear that shit apart try
Leaving me behind (yeah)
It's all good I could see you from a mile I’m
Bout to catch up
Cause I'm next up
I don't trust you
This a set up
I can't leave the fucking house ‘less I'm dressed up
Where's the lint brush
Cause I gotta stay fly ah ah ah ah-ah ah-ah
Till I die ah ah ah ah-ah ah-ah
My approach is way to different nigga stop it
Count the money I need all the profit

Double cross me I ain't gon' forget
I don’t ever miss hit em’ with a swish
Why you acting like I never took a hit
Niggas acting like I never took a hit yeah Paramedics gotta come get you
Yeah the paramedics gotta come get you Begging for somebody to respect you
I can't respect you
Until then you gotta

Bow down and kiss the ring
Man I swear
I never miss a thing try me
Flip another bag I can’t complain
Hating I hear all the whispering try me (x2)

They been tryna get me on a phone call
Calling private, I don't even know y'all
Swear these haters waiting on my downfall
Gave you everything I don't understand y’all
I been trapping too much she want some Dancehall
Watch it, Daddy
That's my name when I pull up to the valley
Anytime I step out it's cinematic
Business booming must've been the habits
All the players on my team doing buckets
I don't leave nobody behind
If these niggas got a problem imma catch em outside
Made some choices in my life cause I had to survive (man)
You know I had to kill all the gossip
All that talking it was getting way too toxic
Imma show up with some shooters keep em silent
Cause I need all the profit