Comethazine - 50 Bars

Comethazine - 50 Bars
August 19th, 2019

Comethazine is back with new single titled "50 Bars" Produced by ChildBoy


Ayy, bitch, you trippin', you need to stay in your place
Ho, stay in your place before it get serious
But can you drop it to the floor? I'm just curious
She suck on this dick for so long, she delirious
Don't fuck with 12, they be actin' mysterious
I'm really snappin' on this song, are you hearin' this?
Amiri jeans and McQueen, I be wearin' it (Yeah)
I wear it once, you niggas be sharin' it
I blow the money, you niggas be sparin' it
Nike Air Force, got every pair in it
Weed nuggets, got some colorful hair in it
Homework, I was rippin' and tearin' it
At home, workin', I was flippin' and sellin' it
Deliveryman, I was shippin' and mailin' it
Piss test, um, I'm failin' it
Dump the whole clip and I won't leave a shell in it (Ayy)
Dug your own hole and your stupid ass fell in it
I smoke gas pack all day, bet the neighbors be smellin' it
I tote AK's and Glocks and XD's and etcetera
Yes, I live a hard life, smokin' weed helps me better
On the couch, Call of Duty, computer, I'm veteran
Play KD in 2K, yes, I'm playing a veteran
You can't show me a nigga that I am not better than
Bitch, suck the sore out the dick like a peppermint
Bullet holes 'bout the same size as a peppermint
Stare deep in my eyes, you can tell I ain't scared of shit
Warn you now, you gon' die if you trust them shits
XD in the mall while I'm shoppin' and buyin' shit
Comethazine don't do winin’ and dinin‘, bitch
Yeah, I bought me a jet, but got no one to fly this shit
Think that he fly, but I know I'm the flyestest
Binocular eyes, ain't nobody as fly as this
If you're wonderin' why, it's 'cause I be the nicestest
Pissed at Panda, I'm like, "What kinda rice is this?"
Pissed at Five Guys, I'm like, "What kinda fries is this?"
Pissed at Givenchy, they don't got my size in this
I set up a trap, got like 45 mice in it
45 thou' was the price of the bracelet
45 pounds, bust wrist down and I'm facin' it
In two to five days I run out, I'm replacin' it
In two different lanes, Hellcat look like I'm racin' it
Beard growin' tough, lookin' rough, so I'm shavin' it
When a nigga run up at the park, then I wave it
Fear by money, muh'fuckers know I'm crazy
Screamin' "R.I.P Phil" to the muh'fuckers, lay me
Six feet under the muh'fuckin' pavement
Try me? Bitch, that's a whole lotta bravery
One deep with the XD, fuck safety