Curren$y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy - Sake

Curren$y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy - Sake
April 27th, 2019

New song from Curren$y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy "Sake" Produced by Sean Price

Song Lyrics

(Verse 1: Jay Worthy)
Sipping sake with Jay, I know he stay fly
Got the answers to your questions like I'm AI
Mother may I, school these little niggas how to do this getting cheese in my chicken like its Ruth Chris
Double meat and on the money what’s your blueprint
Mines is sending hoes and getting to it
Yah Cinderella baby wear it if the shoe fits
Wednesdays daddy day I really do this
Peaceful mind like I'm boolish, though wish nobody harm
But run up on me and get noodled
She in trouble if she come home acting zooly
Make her walk the blade a week shit is ruthless
Got her running tight shit we don't play that
I be fucking off sipping lean though they hate that
Shit ain’t easy being me, Jay Worthy
Cold P coming right up out the WSP Spitta

(Verse 2: Curren$y)
90 inches on the wall TV off but my game on
? to see the slicing through rain storms
Eastside Voltron, Transformer, Megatron, Rolls Royce, Wraith full of ?
Which one you want, I got them both
Parked on my lawn, bitches choosing up
You jealous but you must respect the rules bruh
She can't win laying up with them losers
She trying to move up fool and
You ain't even know how to use her or what to do with her
She came to you with all the tools but you chose to snooze
Got under your skin like a bruise, now you abusing all your remaining hoes because you got a point to prove
You probably be ? the other two in a few, you'll be through
The game ain't made for everybody and this is true especially for you but stay cool dog don't panic find another hustle
It comes natural cuz we on side laughing at you
Trying hard holding your chest and gasping
We taking it easy and all you ain't even gassin'
If I decided to really let you have it should it be tragic
We in traffic, we slashing like behind the big passes
Magic to Worthy, the classic story the winner’s glory
We wasn’t scared to take a loss, that's why we won
They can’t divide us cuz we riders ?
Retract my roof and feel the warmth of the sun
Don't even feel like we some niggas on the run
Feel like we on a vacation, forgot the crime we done