DaBoii - Beat In A Chokehold

DaBoii - Beat In A Chokehold
August 17th, 2019

New song from DaBoii "Beat In A Chokehold"

Song Lyrics

Aww shit. You niggas put this motherfucking beat in my hands though?
Out of all the hands in the world, you niggas wanna put this beat in my hands though?
All right nigga, just for that nigga, I ain't letting the beat breathe nigga
Nigga this shit mine nigga, Debo nigga, I took it nigga
That way

Take that Glock up off your hip you froze up with it
I got love for the streets but ain't no love in it
Bitch stop fucking with them squares and let a thug hit it
I'm Special Ed with the guap, I get dumb chicken (stupid)
All I know is get money, I'm like fuck bitches
Pull a skit on the gang, that's a dumb mission (dumb)
In high school was a bully, loved to punk niggas
Before I let my bro run ones, we gon' jump niggas
You feeling froggy? Gone and leap, nigga jump nigga
Why everybody sound like me? 'Cause I son niggas
You see the pain in my eyes? I got numb feelings
My shooter ready for whatever, said he done living
I'm the type to ask, "What happened?", knowing bruh did it
All eyes on me, but the buffs tinted
Two hundred on the dash, I'll dust niggas
And I got snipers on the roof, pussy come visit
I put Runts up in my lungs and I put waki in my liver
I got water on my neck, I feel real cocky with this river
Bitch my name go by DaBoii and I'll pop you when I'm in it
Shot Gleeky 41 and had your partner in the shitter
I drop one single off my tape now they like wanna red strap
What you put up in your 'wood? I'm like another dead opp
Yeah we around the same age, still coulda been your step pops
And yo and shout out to your bitch 'cause that bitch gave the best top
But I done heard it all before bitch can you tell me something different?
Tell your brother that you love him, you gon' miss him when he missing
I can do the skit myself, I do not need your assistance
Got the world up on my shoulders but this purp gon' help me lift it
Had my opps up on that bitch instead of having 'em on that prize
Coulda spent this money with me if you got rid of all your pride
So much shit a nigga did, still ain't did it for the vine
Need my nickels and my dimes before I give a bitch my time
And I just broke another back, somebody give this bitch a spine
Shoulda listened to my heart instead I listen to my mind
Where I'm from we do the time if we ain't even do the crime
These niggas calling me the goat, I ain't nowhere near my prime
Bitch I'm a YWN nigga can't temperature checked
If I point a nigga out then he'll be witnessing death
Ain't never had my hand out but you gon' give me respect
It won't take long to reach the top brodie just give me a sec
Filet mignon when I eat, I came from noodles on the stove
I don't gotta explain myself for me to prove a nigga wrong
I don't need to pop a pill before I do a nigga cold
I wear jersey number 30, I go hooping with this pole
I done had some wild nights off that D'usse and Patron
You coulda still been in the gang, you become usless when you froze
I can outsmart anybody but get stupid when I'm on
Almost had to avoid the streets 'cause I keep losing all my bros
And I deleted all my socials nigga just so I could focus
Remember when you made that promise, just to let you know you broke it
Some say I'm they favorite rapper, I don't rap bitch I'm a poet
Bitch it's DaBoii aka the ghetto spokesman
I'll hit a nigga up then send his mom condolences
My granny asked me, "Why the sprite red?", 'cause I poured a four in it
Used to let you stress me out but now I'm won't, I'm over it
Niggas be inching and won't tell you so watch who you rolling with
Boy how you plotting on them bands but nigga scared to take the risk?
And you the hero of the year just by the way you saved the bitch
And she know that I got money but I still ain't paid for shit
I just use her what she good for then I make her take a lift
These dirty hoes don't clean theyself, how you scared to take a piss?
And he was manhandling his woman 'cause she wanted to take a flick
I'm comfortable up in these sweats you other niggas pray for drip
You strapped on every IG flip, BS somehow I ain't convinced
On the gang

Stupid ass niggas. Niggas still taking pictures of fake motherfucking guns. Niggas ain't finna bust not one grape in Napa Valley with some motherfucking golf shoes on. Niggas better stop motherfucking playing nigga. Niggas ain't fooling nobody nigga. Stop posting them guns nigga. Come slide nigga. Niggas know where we at nigga, we ain't playing with niggas, nigga. Stupid ass niggas. I don't know why niggas even got me in the motherfucking booth anyway nigga. Today ain't even my day nigga. Stop playing with me nigga. Yeah nigga. Young wild nigga shit. Bitch!