DaBoyDame Feat. G-Eazy, Yo Gotti & DeJ Loaf - Dreams

DaBoyDame Feat. G-Eazy, Yo Gotti & DeJ Loaf - Dreams
December 12th, 2018

New music from DaBoyDame "Dreams" featuring G-Eazy, Yo Gotti & DeJ Loaf.

Song Lyrics

All my dreams gettin’ closer
I ain’t gotta look ova my shoulder Momma, I’m gettin’ older
I’m just boardin’ now who I’m supposed to

[Verse 1: Dej Loaf]
I might just pull up on a bitch and condoze her
All my niggas gettin’ money, ten folds up
We eatin’ good now, no patna rose up
We need a show now, we finna show up
Let’s get it, Versace stylin’, ya know how I rock ’em I’m in with niggas that got it and bitches so watsie I be like hold up, what the fuck you say to me?
Did it on my own, I’m the one who payed the way for me
Sure enough, these bitches hate on me
Y’all fee that boys, best believe I got that cal on me
Strip club, I be tippin’ em dancers
You ain’t chase your daze I’m fina fill up the mattress
All applications

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I come thru’ in that batman, empty man, white tie
Imagine what that look like, bend the doormat white
Shout out to the bait, all my niggas act right
One tat to the D, dope boys get their sack right
And all my niggas were soldiers
Fuck with me and they’ll fuck you ova
Bought my bitches some Rovers, off the issue that I get off the soda
Yeah, I be in the trenches, niggas on the benches I’m the most searched dawg in the mansions
Huh, and you an illa nigga?! Pussy, me? I’ll wet a nigga G shit, A+ if they testin’ me All interests fo’ salads, they don’t resonate
Like I told my nigga Dae, dream on Keen, and I’mma put the whole team on

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: G-eazy]
Young Gerald
Dame, what up
You already know, it’s good
Know my dreams are getting closure
Rapping with rappers I had on a poster
Hung up on my wall superstates of the culture, listen now I’m just balling how I’m supposed to
Young Gerald, now I’m on and I get payed
Had the same phone number since the 10th grade
I fixed mom’s credit up and all debts payed
Anything she wants I order that and gets next day, yeah and I dreamed about even when they seemed to doubt it
This is nothing new to me, you see me and I’ve been about it, from listening to Earl on a bus ride, fast-forward me and 40 sitting courtier, yeah
From the bay to Jupiter, bad then I’m swooping her, [?] Leave In the coup with her, Don’t tell the truth to her, you see how I maneuver
(Hook x4)