Da$H Feat. Huey Briss - Bad Humor

Da$H Feat. Huey Briss - Bad Humor
March 19th, 2019

Da$H taps Huey Briss on the shoulder for the latest Skrewsday release "Bad Humor" produced by Phil 1026

Song Lyrics

Yeah, so
Yeahhh, so

Get to, laughin' when a nigga died, got bad humor
Tell your bitch to get around like a bad rumor
wrap in the backwood
Now she tattoo'in
My name on her, brain
Snatchin' put the game on her
Blade runner what she turn into like a Transformer
Its Young Pyscho analytical
This shit I'm spittin' Biblical
Let the hammer off and pivot so it's pivotal
I get so high, feel like a nigga goin' digital
Hit the blunt and turn into an MP3
You can't see me
Heard about him through the grapevine
All my niggas never snitchin'
Had to take time
Why you think I practice patients?
I am the best when in the room, there's no debatin'
My society is secret like a Mason
Life is chess, you get the check before the mating
A nigga gained his reputation punchin' faces
Rippin' blunts up off they pack, I hope I make it
They know if a nigga strapped, i know imma make it
Whole shit is for the taking

Yeah, so

This rap shit might be just a waste
So I'm sellin' Bieber just in case
As long as she love me, I'll be straight
We all make mistakes, but God doesn't
My hood tell me "keep it raw, cousin"
I'm Grace Park to the pallbearer
Carry me, bury me
Roll a four gram wood, just for therapy
Nothing could prepare me for the future I was handed
Ain't no way around it, cause I'm used to all the madness
Peep the junkie in the alley, chase the feeling, you can have it
I get chill bumps when I think about Atlantic
Kids who spoke Spanish, shootin' hammers by my granny house
Home-girl took one in the titty just for standing out
Bullets ain't picky, shit can get tricky
Gangsters ain't wearin' Dickies, rather wear Fendi
Long Beach city, North side crippy
One time trippin', lunch time nigga

(Woo-hoo! That's what I'm talkin' about nigga!)

Tap dancin' on you fuck niggas