Danileigh - Motivate

Danileigh - Motivate
January 18th, 2020

New music from Danileigh "Motivate"

Song Lyrics

I jus wanna be the one to motivate u
I’m jus tryna be the girl u can relate to

She’s so hard yet
Shes so soft yaaaa
Pradaaa ya
She’s a star ya

I just wanna be the girl u looking up to
I just wanna be the girl that u can come to

I’ve been going at my pace
Swear this game is ain’t a race
got it all did it with faith
Didn’t have to open my legs
I jus went bought my g wagon
See em all congratulate
Motivation on my mind
purpose is to be a great

Role models
For the babies
Bad bitches
For the ladies
Sex symbol drive em crazy
Motivate em on a daily
I ain’t really tryna talk shit
But I’m feeling kinda bossy
I ain’t have this when I started
Went and I got it all regardless

I ain’t in it for the fame
I don’t care about the likes
This a role I gotta play
It ain’t scripted thru this mic
Told me that it wouldn’t my time
Well i guess the time is right
U still working 9-5
Realized it wasn’t my life