Danileigh - No Caller ID

Danileigh - No Caller ID
October 24th, 2019

New track from Danileigh "No Caller ID" Produced by Wes Tarte & Supah Mario

Song Lyrics

Wish I could block these no caller ID numbers
That was my weak ass ex calling He don’t need nothing
I'm over u now my new bae know what he got forreal
Ima give him that good forreal
Remember when I told u keep playing me
Ima give this to a new nigga
Show him what ima do w it
Infinity pool with it
Know I keep it wet scuba suit w it
Ain’t no bitch super coo w it
How Dani fly and she straight chilling
Tryna act like u ain’t stressing
When u posting pics and u fake flexing

I gave love thru the hate
Drive me insane
Circle blocks in the rain
Gimme mine space
Lies to my face
I don’t fuck with ur fake

I can’t fuck w a fake cause u know uhmmm fake
I can’t play with a lame why u always pump fake
Ima stunt with my bae like we
Cardi and Offset
U take off in a plane Ima hop in my jet
Bitch, I’m like hot Gunna
Rocking slime-like Thugga
Why u dumb like dumber
Ima run up commas
10k for a pop-up
Working till I come up