DillanPonders Feat. IDK - JURASSIC

DillanPonders Feat. IDK - JURASSIC
October 27th, 2019

DillanPonders and IDK connect on new song "JURASSIC" Produced by Alex Parham

Song Lyrics

I'm that guy, you already know I don’t got to say why
Ya’ll don't eat pussy but to me it tastes fine, let it grow on you little boy it takes time
These girls know I been ice cold, got no heart you can never break mine
I don’t really like when the funds on hold, gotta make a shout to the mans on road
Yall heating up but you can't come close my flow so cold that the mic just froze
Weed so strong my eyes just closed my mind explodes when I’m high through lows
Labels don’t like me much but they gotta stay close these days cus i might just blow
Look at me gain that leverage, thirsty hoes look at me like a beverage
Lot of my old beefs had to get severed cause you can’t take shots if you only got pellets
Feeling good now but I been way better man life hits hard but you always got to get up
Want to make change then you got to get fed up with the way things are every day I get Better on God

Give me time, I’m trying to find, peace of mind, it’s hard to find
Get the bag, it’s all mine, I’m a monster, by design
I don’t kick it with the waste man’s anymore
Brought an OZ to the venue keep it on the low
I got people that would die for me I hope you know
They gon play back all my albums at my funeral

Racks on racks on racks, digging up a ditch for the track, RIP throw it in the bag I’m a call Fab get the body throw it in the bag, I pull with all kinds of hoes they look at my closet there’s all kinds of clothes, they looked at my wallet there’s all kind of dough I looked I ain't seen em when I was so broke, fuck em, literally fuck em, I heard she was high she be burning to touch em, I heard she a hoe, oh no don’t trust em, you be on that five-o shit stay cuffin, a nigga blowin up all a sudden new cousins, I left the everyday struggle now I’m Joe Budden, shouts Akademiks, I’m still underground but I’m waiting on my timing, its coming

Digging up a ditch for the track, looking at my wrist see the gliss broke her neck, pay me in Cash if you can’t cut a cheque I’m a God not a man I can put you in check nah mean
Stepped in feeling incredible, probably cause I pulled up to the meeting on an edible, back In the day they were mocking me now they want me inside of the monopoly but it’s not For me I’m a full blown vet, I got everybody in a full court press, feed me rappers feed Me beats I been treating everybody like a pulled pork break, better talk nice I’m a full Blown vet, backwood got me in a nice portrait, people say that less is more guess it Works way better when you know more less