Domo Genesis Feat. Buddy - Consecutive Normal Punches

Domo Genesis Feat. Buddy - Consecutive Normal Punches
December 7th, 2018

New song from Domo Genesis "Consecutive Normal Punches" Produced by Sam Wish & The Futuristiks

Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
Act like you know who I am when I fly through the land
That's some courtesy
Don't hurry me, I'm so serene on the scene
If I leave, that's gon' breed an emergency
That's urgency, heard of me certainly
Work and I flirt with this weed 'til they bury me
Absurd to me I'm steering clean of the dirt
But still got the devil tryna flurry me
But currently I didn't get in this position I'm in just for niggas to worry me
I been in this shit for a bit so I got let you niggas get word of me
I stick in this bitch for the permanent or 'til I'm stuck in infirmary
'Cause trust ain't nothing but a word
You niggas still don't verge over perjury

[Verse 2: Buddy]
Yeah, yeah, ayy
So I stepped in, threw a check with the blessin'
Now the question is, what should I invest in?
Crept in with a weapon and my best friend
Hold your breath man before you be a dead man
Flexing like I'm wrestling, bitch I'm destined
Getting money cause I'm working like a Mexican
Best dressed nigga in the west
With a lot of trauma and a little finesse
Diamond grade boogers hanging off of my neck
Got a couple women tryna ruin the rep
I give every rumor twenty seconds or less
Made a couple milli' and I ain't done yet
Ayy, I feel like Denzel, I feel like Denzel
'Bout to FaceTime with my pen pal
Light up that weed and I inhale

[Verse 3: Domo Genesis]
I wish I could do it for a while now
Finna wild out 'til they let a nigga chow down
Hope I don't foul out
Still run wild through the city with a ticket like Bow Wow
Never did doubt 'bout my route
Got me seeing that the clout is what all y'all about now
Better get a foul now when I pop style, layin' everything down

[Verse 4: Buddy]
Niggas better have white towel wavin'
Niggas better come at me with down payments
Lil nigga duckin' like Cal Cambridge
Punk, punch me and get your town vanquished
And I ain't gotta die for attention
I ain't no facade, I be livin', might ride 'til the finish
So high like the sky ain't the limit
I don't even ride with the ceilin'
Blood red eyes feeling like divine intervention, no God

No God
No God
No God