Don Toliver - Situation

Don Toliver - Situation
June 12th, 2019

Don Toliver drops the second single 'Situation' from his upcoming project 'RESSURRECTION'

Song Lyrics

I'm in this situation, I'ma hit that boy with the spaces
And I don't feel no wrong with you, dependent on your playlist
I only hit, I know she bad, I got up on your A-list
I turned this stuff, better to relapse, I'm warming up your faces

Two step to that party (Party)
Backstage, I'm harping, that chokehold where I start
Sound like a new car when I bought it
I always dreamed 'bout this lifestyle, it happening
Now that I got mine, I sit back and reminisce

Please don't test me, I pop pills like M&M's
Better stack my M&M's, smoke good with my kin and them
No joke, rock Eminem, and I like my dinner rare
And I just arrived and dined in LA, R.I.P. to Nip
So hard to pull forward, R.I.P. the pill
I know y'all want my chips, but I still got all my dip
Remember that .38 (Eight) was still here on my hip
I'm a gunner, how I live
I'ma gunner, how I live (Yeah)