October 11th, 2018

FLEXLIKEKEV is dropping his second single 'Stars' october 11th

FLEXLIKEKEV grew up in London, but decided to move to Denmark in 2017. The english-speaking rapper has brought with him a lot of attitude, lyrical character and international ambitions from the UK
- which is evident in his music.
He mixes the grime/drill style from the UK with hard knocking american trap beats - and the result is an energetic, hard hitting and uncompromising hiphop sound.

By the end of 2017, FLEXLIKEKEV released his first track 'Im The Man' on SoundCloud. Later followed by 'I Wanna Be Up' and 'Hurricane Wrist', both of which were released on the leading UK YouTube channel LinkUpTV.
This summer, FLEXLIEKEKEV released his official debut single titled ‘GUAP’, where he was accompanied by MADMANMAX, and now the two crew-members are back with another hip hop banger.

STARS is the second single from FLEXLIKEKEV released by Thursday Records, and this time he is going even harder than on the predecessor. The two rappers are going back and forth between the two verses, where they respond and invite each other through the whole track by taking over each other's ad-lips. Like the predecessor ‘GUAP’, 'Stars' is also produced by PHATFACE, and is a trippy hiphop track that lets uncompromising rap-bars control the show accompanied by a rousing hook. The production is carried by heavy bass, rhythmic snares and an insistent bell-rif. Which combined with the lyrics, bring the listener along on a spacey trip to the stars.

FLEXLIKEKEV is dropping his debut album on november 15th. Everything released through Thursday Records.