June 26th, 2020

New music from Germ "WALKED IN" Produced by Budd Dwyer


Walked in dick in hand nigga you feel how I'm coming
Okay, ha
Okay, walked in yeah (yes)
Okay, walked in, niggas just looking and shit

Okay, walked in dick in hand
Ain't have no plan, just here for some bandz
I get the  head VVS bussin' shit nasty like bloodshed
Fuck is you sayin', ion like that lil nigga
Fuck it pour flame on this nigga
(He thought he was gonna get away smooth)
Ooh, lame ass nigga
I get to see a whole lotta red, this nigga gone die lit
Thanks to this four fifth, bitch we be been in these woods
Snappin' these bandz, I feel like Tip, cap off tip
SRT too fast, buckle up nigga perc kicked in
Cup holder full of medicine, bitch I'm gone like the wind

Ever since I could remember
I was ye tall pushin' babies over Gucci baby stroller
Had the baby pour a smooth talker
Since a toddler, why bother
Fucking with me, I was born already, done with college (ha, whoa)
I'm a fucking scholar, and a fucking doctor (for real nigga?)
Bitch that's water (huh)
Bitch let's eat (yeah, hoe)
I make racks in my sleep, come fuck with me
Movin' how I'm moving, you might need you a little team
Walk in  y'all niggas a fiend, tryna stack like me
(I do that shit like Germ)
Pussy nigga better get you some money
I'm rocking Dior, hoes naked on tour
I came down for more, so I had to pour
Now I threw that back though
Dare you write a report,  nigga fall

When these back-ends on back-ends, back-ends on back-ends
Bitch gone let me hit, from the back end
Back-ends on back-ends (ha)