Glokk Nine - Squads

Glokk Nine - Squads
February 8th, 2019

Glokk Nine returns with new song "Squads" Produced by Danny Draco


*[Danny Draco on the beat bi*ch]*

Danny Draco on the beat

They brought one stretcher, for four opps

50 shots

These hoes givin' STD's, so why try?
Bill Nye, the science guy
I think I hear a nigga creepin', clutchin' on his fire

I play the drums, 2 50 rounds

Like fuck your life
Middle fingers up
Nigga quack a duck

You niggas pushin' 30 got me beaten by some years
His momma stressin', cryin' tears
He talk salsa on the beat but soft as hell

Get no sleep, been up for weeks

They OPD

She want some minks
I want the Brinks truck