Kai Ca$h Feat. Chris Brown - Tank

Kai Ca$h Feat. Chris Brown - Tank
February 2nd, 2020

Kai Ca$h and Chris Brown link up on their new track, "Tank." Produced by Tank God


I might pull up in a tank, that's my ride (Uh)
Bentley truck, yeah, with Jus, that's my guy (Uh)
Got yo' bitch on my lap, that's my vibe (Uh, ayy)
These Cartier's fit my face and my eyes

Ayy, pullin' up deep as fuck with my mob (With my mob)
See a nigga drippin' sauce, bitch, I'm fly (Bitch, I'm fly)
They don't want no beef, I see it in they eyes (In they eyes)
Come toe to toe with me, you might not survive (Not survive)
This shit get ugly ‘round my muh'fuckin' side (Yeah, ‘round my side)
Bitch, I'm from T Town, that's where I reside (Yeah, yeah, I reside)
My niggas pull up, you know they gon' slide (They gon' slide)
You talkin' tough and you end up a strap (Yeah, yeah)

Yeah, baby, check my Patek, yeah it's two-tone
Don't try to call me or text, got a new phone
Ain't with the back and forth, won't need to put a ring on
But when she back it up, she gon' take her time on my ding dong
Pullin' and strokin' her hair-air-air
Givenchy, Margiella, Margiella, Margiella
Take off your underwear
Christian Louboutins got me drippin' all the sauce
OHB, we pay the cost, you know who the boss

We don't mingle with bums, where yo' funds go
Lay back, chase bucks shit
But K Wales like [love fo']
Pull up and run shit
I pray up, get Gusto, say rest to Justo
I'm tied in with gangstas, no Vice Lords, no Bloods, locs
They rowdy all the time like it's GS9
Bitch from Cali, from the Valley, go to Pepperdine
She from Saudi, pushin' Audi, only half the time (Yeah)
When she drive it, color white, it's like a lemon lime (Look)

Yeah, I done slid through LA in some two doors
I then pulled some old moves on some new hoes
We been up for some hours like two-four
Gettin' bucks like I'm Antetokounmpo, yeah
Niggas gon' hate you know that
Gettin' this cake, you know that
Finish my plate, you know that
I ain't never gon' hold back (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Yeah), I ain't never gon' hold back
Feelin' like I'm bein' chosen
I'm tryna get shit up in motion

Sip Chandon Möet
I'm a tickin' time bomb, hold up
And I'm from West Coast
But I'm West so I'm warm, hold up
Your OG ain't a threat, he wanna be us when he grow up
[?] wanna make a throwback, split it in the middle like I'm Moses
Take a picture for the poster, how I crush Lennon with the loafers
Hit the plug for the gold, I love it when I mix it with the Gosha
Take off for the culture, we been playin' hard without the culture
Standin', actin' dumb all on the couches
Bet they still gon' call us up to host it (Woo)

See a nigga on the poster (Woo)
Can't keep your composure (Woo)
Ride the Wraith like it's stolen (Woo)
Tell your bitch come over
Too rich, never sober (Woo)
Billions on my mind (Yeah)
They keep me up all the time (Yeah)
They keep me up on my grind (Yeah)
Too high, can't reach me (Reach me)
Nothing you can teach me (Teach me)
Good dick got you feinin' (Yeah)
I'm hood rich, best believe me (Woo)
Money don't fall from trees (Naw)
But I'ma ball for seasons (Yeah)
I gotta million reasons
Why your bitch always leavin'
I stay on her mind
I know that she gon' pick up anytime I wanna hear it
I know she sneak out late night
I get it when I want, bottom line (Yeah, huh)
Need a million for the feature
Paid a milli for the sneakers
Bad bitches in the bleachers
Young nigga fuckin' with the teachers
CYN and OHB, no
Throwin' bands, winnin' never take a loss